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… Wow , What a Broadside [#Sheriff David Clarke][#Milwaukee][#Wisconsin]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,June 2nd,2016

.. this man is an extraordinary law . Boy , oh boy , is he ever popular . He is usually elected unopposed ..

.. when you hear him , you think that he is a conservative Republican . Well , he is not , at least not yet . Believe it or not , he is a Democrat [At least , for now]..

.. but , when you hear him , you can tell that he has a no love lost for the great mass of Dems . Miz Hillary , in particular ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post // interview segment ..

.. he is really tired of Miz Hillary ‘ s patronizing attitude towards blacks in general , and him in particular ..

.. quoting him ..

The Wisconsin Democrat skewered Clinton and liberal Democrats as he responded:

Well, I’m surprised she didn’t say watermelon, just go all the way. You know, this stuff is dehumanizing, it’s embarrassing, it’s disgusting. If any other candidate were to say something like that, some stereotype about black people, it would derail their campaign. But the rules seem different for the Clintons. You know, the folks that she was being interviewed by, they saw right through it. That’s why they said they’re going to accuse you of pandering.

They know it. Black people know they’re being pandered to. Nothing has gotten better under Democrat control. You go to all these cities where there’s high poverty, there’s high levels of crime and violence. They’re all run by liberal Democrat mayors, liberal Democrat politicians, so nothing seems to get better.

Sheriff Clarke nailed it. Of course if a white Republican ever spoke to a black audience the way that Clinton does, the Left would be up in arms. When Clarke notes this accurately, he will surely be assailed by liberals and smeared as an “Uncle Tom” or other racist pejorative. Leftist hypocrisy knows no bounds.


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