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… Not Hardly ! [#Boston Globe editorial]][#iran nuclear negotiations]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,May 9th,2016

.. the Boston Globe seems to have a serious burr in its saddle .

.. their editorial page had a serious temper tantrum tirade over the letter that the Senate GOP sent to the leaders of Iran over the Nuclear Sanctions negotiations . They thought that they were ripping the seaators a new one over it all . Well , they ended up looking like a bunch of powerless idiots in the process …

.. the Senators are not a bunch of mindless knomes . They are not put there in the Senate for window dressing . They aer public servants themselves . They aer also part of a co — equal branch of government . so they have every right to speak their minds . They can do it individually , or they can do it collectively . The proceedings over the Kyoto Treaty debate are a classic case in point …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the editorial …

.. Bill Clinton ‘ s people were negotiating a potential treaty over the global warming debate . It was highly unpopular to say the least . Even the DummyCraps did not like it , to a man and a woman . So , since the GOP controlled the chamber , and after lack of consultation ., the Senate GOP leadership decided to send Clinton a message : a Sense of the Senate resolution , with debate by all sides included [in public] …

.. well , that resolution was adopted by a 95 to 0 vote . The Kyoto Treaty would have been thoroughly rejected and discredited here in the United States . Ergo , it was never submitted to the Us sENATE for ratification . The Administration well knoew what would happen if it did …

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