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… What I think [#POTUS and Exec Amnesty (Immigration)]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,April 18th,2016

.. you would think that there are no court cases out there . There would be no way in order to reverse POTUS ‘ action , and crack down on his antics on misconduct in office …

.. Wrong ! …

.. there is this little matter of Az Dream Act Coalition (sic) v. Brewer . It is a case out in the loonie land of the judiciary , the 9th Appeals Circuit Court . Yeah , that one . So , what is it about ??

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news article ..

.. when POTUS pulled his stunt on D.A.C.A. (for the Dreamers) , Az Gov Jan Brewer retaliated . She made it explicitly clear that under Arizona law , illegal aliens were clearly ineligible to receive documernts such as Az driver licenses . They were not able to , already . Her E.O. made it more explicit . So , the coalition sued …

.. the Federal District Court in Phoenix said no . However , a 3 – judge panel of the 9th Circuit said yes , that Dreamers could get these government documents , such as driver licenses . Even though AZ law was clear on the subject , that they were ineligible , and thus not allowed …

.. I think that the U.S. Supreme Court could reach down to this court , grab the case , and fast – track it for briefs and arguments at the Supreme Court . Boy , would that set off a circus . It would , in addition to the likely impeachment inquiry that would result from such an order . People will think that potus WILL GO SMALL . iN THIS CASE …

.. in for a penny , in for a pound . I think that Obama will go for ” the gusto , ” and supposedly ” legalize ” as many people as he thinks that he can get away with ….

— [update] — well , His Lordship did do it , just but not as much as I expected . Also , now , Arizona has a new GOP governor [Douglas Ducey] who is just as committed to this case . This case is far closer to the US Supreme Court than anything else , so stay tuned …


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