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… Don’t Those Knuckleheads Ever Learn [#US Treasury][#tax inversion]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,April 6th,2016

.. it seems that Our country ‘ s Treasury Department is a glutton for punishment . Also , they want to be stuck in court with multiple court cases ..

.. So , what the fart is the big brawl all about with these ” tax inversions ?? ” …

.. simple , and for 2 reasons . One is our country ‘ s tax rate . Currently our’ s top tax rate for corporations is about 35.0% , which is the highest in the Western World . Having a rate that high is going to inspire many attempts to go to tax havens , and the use of tax dodges ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post news ..

.. the other is the way our country taxes corporations . Worldwide , companies are taxed generally one way . They only pay tax on the earnings on the income earned in that specific country . Our does it radically different . Our country taxes income on companies on a worldwide business basis . It just does not mean our nation alone , but in every other country on the planet ..

.. Treasury is trying to legislate by ” executive order ” or by regulation . Oops . Regulations may interpret and implement existing law . They may not act to write new law . That is Congress ‘ job ,folks ..

.. So , what happens ? The stuff get challenged in court , and by a company willing to take on the battle .most companies do not want the to spend the fuss or the tIme .But some do . Those are the ones that will benefit from the battle [and the expense]…

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