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… Obama has made a Strategic Blunder [#Immigration]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,April 3rd,2016

.. oh , boy , has he ..

.. with his executive order on immigration , to be specific …

.. [h/t —]…
.. [link] to the news article ..

.. one is the timing . The House is likely to send a funding bill to the Senate for just about all of the government , less either the Department of Homeland Security , or , more specific , the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services [which will administer the provisions of the E.O.] . it will then present the Senate with a quandary ..

.. the Senate may well have to swallow its pride , and pass the bill as is . Dingy Harry Reid may well not have the votes to pass it , otherwise …

.. the bigger will come in the new year ..

.. I am certain that the GOP will formulate a new immigration bill , Put more aptly , a set of immigration bills . Especially since they do not trust POTUS one whit , they will carefully control the agenda on this subject . They will get a bill , through , but it will be on their terms , not the DummyCraps , and definitely not his Lordship ‘ s , either . Then POTUS Will be faced with several unenviable choices …..

.. either sign the bill [on the GOP ‘ s terms] , or veto it , and piss away a signigicant chunk of the Latino vote . They want improvements in the economy and education , but a significant immigration bill , actually making it through Congress , and it being the GOP that gets the job done , will get their attention …

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