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… Ouch ! A Stunning Rejection of Maduro [#Venezuela][#Chavez][#socialism]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,December 12th,2015

.. the Chavistas adopted economics [i.e. , socialism] , and look at what a grand old mess it has made : …

.. [-] oil — Venezuela is one of the most richly endowed oil rich nations in the Western Hemisphere . it is able to produce more than 2.5 million barrels / day , but the output has been sliding over the last 20 years . A grievous lack of investmest is the cause , and the Chavistas wonder why ?? …

.. [-] more oil more oil — Venezuela is also blessed with one of the largest oil shale regions in the the world . The region ,called the Orinioco , has an estimated 250 billion to 300 billion barrels of proven reserves . That would make it more than double the size of the reserves of any Middle Eastern nation . Yet , their development has barely scratched the surface . A grievous lack of capital investment is crying out to exploit this region. Guess why ??

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.. now all of the years of gross economic mismanagement has caught up to the Chavistas . Hugo Chavez has been dead and buried for a couple of years , but his successor , Nicloas Maduro , has to live with the economic RUINS OF WHAT Chavez – style socialism has wrought ..

.. The Venezuelan conservative opposition has [miraculously] won almost a 3/4ths majority in the Venezuelan national Assembly . With that majority [presuming Maduro and his cronies allow it to stand] , the opposition can do quite a bit to reform Venezuelan society ..

.. I wish them luck . Maduro and what is left of the remaining chaveztas will not make it easy for them to try to govern …


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