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… In the 5th Circuit , the Government Just Missed … [#Texas v US]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,October 9th,2015

.. getting its butt kicked in court .

.. Why not ? Simple — His Lordship ‘ s antics on DAPA and DACA are that important , and deserve a full and public airing . boy , oh boy , was the judge ever pissed . That advisory that came through at the pleadings at the beginning of March [March 4th , to be specific] landed like a lead balloon in Judge Andrew Hanen ‘ s court . . So , now what ???

.. [h/t —]…
.. [link] to the blog column ..

.. the has to know what is going on . Judge Hanen stopped just short of what is known as ” striking ” the government ‘ s case . What does that mean ? GAme , set , and match . If the government ‘ s case [and its pleadings] were ” stricken , ” then goodbye case . You could forget about any appeals to anywhere , including to SCOTUS …

.. because of the importance of the case , the case was not stricken . But the judge still can act to strike the case , if he finds more evidence of government misconduct . Especially if the misconduct goes much further up the line in the Department of InJustice , or even into the ObamaCrap White house …

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