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… Say Bye – Bye to a Crashing Star [#PA][#Kathleen Kane]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,August 16th,2015

.. oh , boy ! ..

.. she was once a rising star of Pennsylvania politics . The Governor ‘ s mansion in Harrisburg was not out of the question . Now , her most likely home is going to be the ” Graybar Hotel … “..

.. why ? ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. there was a corruption investigation in Montgomery County , Pa . It is the county which contains the metropolis of the city of Philadelphia . Well , several state legislators happens to be caught in the state ‘ s attorney ‘ s [prosecutor ‘ s] net . Unfortunately , for them , they happen to be black men .

.. so what did she do ? She interfered with the investigation [obstruction of justice] . She lied about doing so to a second grand jury , convened by the same state ‘ s atty [perjury]… her act of interfering with the investigation was also a felony [misconduct in office]. It is that simple …

.. say bye – bye to Kathleen Kane . She is done in politics …

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