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… If Loretta Lynch has lost John McCain [#AG nomination]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,March 28th,2015

.. then the effort to confirm her is indeed in deep trouble .

.. the GOP now controls the US Senate . The DemoCraps do not . The DummyCraps can stammer , huff , puff , and try to blow a house down all that they want , but as long as the majority holds firm , Lynch ‘ s nomination will not receive a vote . At the very least , not anytime soon ..

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.. [link] to the blog post …

.. right now , the nomination is in real trouble . US Sen John McCain [R-Az] has come out openly against her nomination . Much more so is why he did . He has stated specifically that her position on POTUS ‘ so – called Executive Action on Immigration [which came out during questioning for her confirmation hearings] is what made him come out so openly against her …

.. She will not get a vote anytime soon . A good number of committee chairmen are against her . I suspect most of the Senate leadership has decided to vote her nomination down . But the Majority Leader ? That I am not sure of , yet . if he decides to oppose her , then her nomination is effectively dead , no matter how much His Lordship and the Senate DemoCraps protest …

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