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… Elections Disaster in Nevada [#statewide] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,November 2nd,2014

.. the figures like this [42% GOP , 41% Dem , 17% other] are an abject disaster for the DemoCraps ….

.. unlike many states , Nevada does have statewide elections for this year . They have the full smack : Treasurer , Auditor , AG , Lieutenant Gov [elected separate] , Governor …

.. also , the legislature , which for a state of its size that is still growing like crazy , is fairly narrowly divided …

.. Brian Sandoval (former federal district judge , latino , businessman , current governor) …. is going to win re – election . He is evidently pulling the GOP vote along with him ….

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the campaign news …

.. Sandoval will win re – election in a walk . He may well pull in other GOP statewide elected officeholders along with him . That will help come 2016 , when there is the likely heavyweight bout with Dingy Harry Reid for his US Senate Seat …. it will be a lot easier for Sandoval to run , with a GOP L.G. ….

.. also , a DemoCrap sitout will hit the legislature … the Nevade Senate is only 11 to 10 DemoCrap , so it may well flip … the Nevada House is 26 to 16 Dem , so it would take a 6 seat gain for the GOP to take control …

.. the Nevada Senate should flip , and the Nevada House just might …


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