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… Victory in Court [#7th Circuit]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,September 26th,2014

.. the state of Wisconsin gets its Voter ID law back …

.. better yet , the court was very harsh , both on the district court judge , and on the plaintiffs in the case …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the court decision …

.. the district court judge [a Bill Clinton appointee] was reamed out by the appeallate judges . The appeals judges bawled out the judge for completely and totally ignoring both pending 7th Circuit precedent , as well as US Supreme Court precedent ….

.. Stare Decisis [court precedent] is important for a court . A judge is supposed to follow court precedent . A judge is supposed to have a very , very important reason (or set of reasons) to ignore it or overturn it . In the Wisconsin Voter ID case , the circuit judge totally blew it off . That is a very big blunder for a district court judge . Higher ups can try that stunt , but not the lower court ….

.. also , the appeallate judges were very harsh in their judgements towards the plaintiffs . The plaintiffs argue both disparate impact theory , as well as Voting Rights Act violations . The judges were totally on point on crushing both arguments . The big problem in both cases is that intent is required . Disparate Impact theory does not even require intent . So , out the door it goes …

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