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… Get Out Your Checkbook , Dummies [#US Constitution]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 16th,2014

.. the Cal State university system has done something extraordinary …

.. I am not saying that it is good , though . What they have done is something extraordinarily bad . Very , Very bad , to say the least …

.. courtesy of state law in California , the Cal State university system has de – recognized the Inter – Varsity Christian Fellowship [I.V.C.F.] . It is not just one campus that is being hit . It is every campus in the Cal State system [23 in all ….]…

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the interview segment from ” Fox and Friends ” …

.. haven’t those dummies in the Cal State system ever heard of the U.S. Constitution ? The First Amendment ? The part , such as freedom of religion and religios belief ? Oh , try Freedom of Association ? …

.. This is going to make for one whopper of a federal civil rights court case . Not only will I.V.C.F. gain recognition on each and every Cal state system campus (due to a court order to comply) , they will be forced , in effect , to reverse their policies that are in conflict with either federal law or the US Constitution ….

.. freedom of association allows one to associate with people with which one chooses . One has that right to be informed , and make that choice . The Cal State system does not have the right to misuse so – called ” non – discrimination ” policies to override people ‘ s civil rights …..

.. in other words , the College Democrats do not have to have GOPers in their ranks . The College Republicans do not have to have DemoCraps , er , ObamaCraps in theirs , either . Most of all , the I.V.C.F. has a right to have membership criteria for their people . Meaning , one has to be a Believer (a Christian) to be a member , or an officer …


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