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… If Poll Results continue like This [#Battleground 2014]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,September 10th,2014

.. the DemoCraps are going to get their butts kicked … badly …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog news …

.. the GOP having an advantage in the generic vote is very bad news … especially now . Usually the Dems have the advantage , but narrowly , considering how the polls are conducted [and their partisan leanings]. But not now . The polls are switching over to likely voter screens , which is going to be the harbinger of very bad news for the Dems . Most any marginal race is going to go GOP …

.. other than PA , the GOP is going to maintain its advantage in the statehouses . They may even pick up one or two that normally no one would expect , namely Illinois and Hawaii , and possibly Colorado . Also , Paul LePage has a fairly decent chance of hanging on to the Maine governor ‘ s chair …

.. where this hits is especially in the Senate Races … SD , WV , and MT are all gone for the Dems . Also , they can forget about pickups in KY and GA . So , it is nailbiting time …

.. Thom Tillis is leading in NC ,
.. Bill Cassidy is leading narrowly in LA ,
.. Tom Cotton has a decent lead in Ar ,
.. Dan Sullivan is even in Ak ,
.. Monica Wehby is closing in Or ,
.. Jeanne Shaheen ‘ s lead has collaped in NH . So , Scott Brown has her in his cross – hairs , and he has the initiative and control of the message …
.. even Hawaii is even , especially with a three – way race , and
.. Joni Ernst has moved out to a decent lead in Ia .

.. where it could do severe damage to the Dems is in the state legislatures . There are not the possibilities like 2010 , but there are good ones out there for the taking …


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