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… A New York City Tragedy [#eric garner]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,September 5th,2014

.. this was a needless death .

.. what was the N.Y.P.D. harassing a guy over untaxed cigarettes , especially with N.Y.C. ‘ s obscene level of cigarette taxation …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the video ..

.. New York state ‘ s rate of cigarette taxes is bad enough . Then New York City loads it on on top of the state ‘ s very obscene cigarette tax rates . So , what did they expect to happen ? Nothing ? Duh ! …

.. haven’t those idiots studied economics , especially the Laws of Supply & Demand , of Human Nature , and the Law of Unintended Consequences . Those idiots have one rip – roaring black market going , and the N.Y.P.D. has more important things to do than attacking citizens over untaxed ciggies and what are known as ” loosies . ”

.. contrary to popular opinion and talking heads , the worst that I think that these folks are going to get is a manslaughter rap . Murder ?? No ! ….

.. no , I am not excusing the cop ‘ s misconduct . He used an unprofessional act [the chokehold ] . The use of the chokehold has been banned , and the cops participating should have damn well known better . They could have ” tased ” the guy to subdue him if they needed to …

… I have been tased , and trust me , it is not fun . I did it as a test when I was considering actually buying one . I wanted to understand what it was to be on the receiving end . If I was going to possess one of those things , then I felt the responsibility to the public to understand what I was doing ….

.. I obviously would not want to be shot in order to learn how to use a gun . But , before purchasing one , I will go to a gun range so that I know what it is to hold a weapon , to holster it , to care for it , and to shoot it . I think that it would be a common – sense maneuver before buying a gun …


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