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… Israel is in This for the Long Term [#IDF Op defensive edge]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 28th,2014

.. the most important reason ..

.. where the Prime Minister of Israel would deal with the President of the United States on at least a civil basis , take his / her phone calls , and be subject even to some coercion , in the case with POTUS and Bibi , no way …

.. Obama only controls one chamber of Congress , and that is done clumsily by Dingy Harry Reid . When (I believe) the Dems get their buts kicked in November , Congress will be entirely in GOP hands …. it will then free up a large number of senior members of the Dem caucus to vote more freely …

.. Obama ‘ s powers of coercion are limited , and are principally limited to emergency situations . Even then , if word got out that POTUS tried to ” screw ” with Israel in an emergency situation , he would likely face ” the boot …. ”

.. more simply , these two men do not get along , do not like each other , and do not respect each other ….

.. it is even more the case from Obama to Bibi than it is from Bibi to Obama . Bibi knows that he has to deal with him , but only when he has to do so . Obama hates Bibi with a passion ….


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