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… Bombshell ! update [#Fast and Furious]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 14th,2014

.. well , someone finally called out the ObamaCraps ..

.. unfortunately , it was not Congress .

.. the Congressional subpoena is still pending . After that , AG Holder was cited for contempt for a second time . Also , the House brought suit in the US District Court to enforce the committee subpoena . At least as of now , there has been no news notice of the court filing …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the judicial news …

.. Judge Bates [by the way , a Bush 43 appointee] has ruled that the Holder Department of Injustice and the ObamaCrap Administration has to produce what is known as a ” Vaughn Index . ” A Vaughn Index shows the identity and short form of the content of documents that are being withheld under a claim of privilege . With the court order , especially with the F.O.I.A. case , the Judge has determined , within limits , that the privilege claim is tetantively a ” crock of [bleep] . ” So , the ObamaCraps have a serious problem …

.. usually a Vaughn Index is dealt with under ” seal . ” So , it will still be a while before we know anything about what the ObamaCrap Administration is playing ” fast and cute ” about . I wonder what is so ” white hot ” that they felt that they had to withhold it …

.. if Judge Bates allows either the index or the docs out into the public domain , this could get real interesting , folks . Fast ! …


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