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… if Not Miz Hillary , then [#dem political bench]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,August 12th,2014

.. not a whole lot , folks .

.. the Dems have a problem . Their political bench is not all that deep . Some of their best possible candidates are former politicians [Richard Celeste , Ed Rendell] … so , what else is the problem for them ?? …

.. governors — the Dems only have 20 — they may only add 1 , net [Pa] , but they are likely to lose IL [Bruce Rauner is likely to beat Pat Quinn] . Their governor ‘ s lot , other than Deval Patrick [Ma] , is not all that great . To be honest , Governor Moobeam [Jerry Brown] does not look all that bad for them …

.. senators — Obama ‘ s antics and lack of quals are going to rule out Senators from both parties for a while . Only if a senator has had a private sector or public sector career before the Senate will make them look good . Given her controversies , Liz Warren is no leading light . Dick Durbin is likely to be the new Minority Leader once Dingy Harry loses in 2016 to Brian Sandoval …

.. past figures — Al Gore — been there , done that — are you kidding ?? …

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