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… Earth to D.C. [#pro gun rights]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 7th,2014

.. what part of Palmer v DC do you not understand ? ..

.. from the initial flurry of news out of the District , it appears they need to have someone hit them upside the head with a baseball bat in order to get the message …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news piece ..

.. it appears that the D.C. City Council is filled with a bunch of anti – gun rights radicals . Some are as bad as the Chairman of the Council Judiciary Committee , who is as bad as it gets ..

.. it also appears that D.C. is going to follow the example of New York Stae and New York City . that State is infamous for its Williams Act , which is basically a ” may issue ” measure . That will not fly here . The Williams Act is notorious for being next – to – impossible to get a gun permit …

.. if you follow the text of Palmer , you will see quotes from Heller , McDonald , Moore v Madigan , and Peruta v Cty of San Diego . That makes it a very , very strong pro – gun rights ruling . It makes Palmer a ” shall – issue ” ruling , in all likelihood . If the D.C. City Council does not get the message , someone else just might do the drafting . Say , like Judge Skilling himself , or Congress . His Lordship would just love that …

..Further research on Judge Skilling shows him to be a moderate conservative . He is familiar with the District , contrary to popular belief . He served for many years on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court [or , F.I.S.C.] , and sat for many cases on the D.C. bench . That is how he got Palmer , due to the game – playing by the judges on the D.C. bench ..

.. there is obviously more to come on this dandy . Stay tuned ….


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