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… Victory with Halbig v Sebelius [#halbig v burwell]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,July 26th,2014

.. well , I think I had better get used to the new name …

.. the other day , a 3 – judge panel voted [2 to 1] to overturn the JRS powergrab in ObamaCrapCare and its subsidies …

.. [h/t — WallStreetJournal/Opinion]..
.. [link] to the opinion piece ..

.. contrary to liberal bleating , the ruling does not destroy ObamaCrapCare . It just upholds the law , as it was originally written . As originally written , ObamaCrapCare is a colossal mess . We are finding that out now , God knows …

.. the problem is the design of the artifice . The whole house of cards is an economic monstrosity . It is designed by politicians with no experience in the private sector . These idiots never had any idea of how to make a payroll , how to deal with a bureaucrat [from the outside] …

.. simple , it is designed not to work . Nice try , dummies ! You flunked the test !! …

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