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… Hamas has made One Miscalculation [#Bibi]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,July 26th,2014

.. and Kerry and UN Sec-Gen Ban-Ki Moon are trying to save them from more …

.. even Kerry and Ban are misunderestimating Netanyahu . They think that he is pliable , and is willing to listen to them . Wrong …

.. [h/t ––]..
.. [link] to the intelligence report …

.. PM Netanyahu will end Operation Defensive Edge when he chooses to ; not when the United States or the United Nations want him to . It is his choice to make .

.. Ban thinks that Bibi will listen to the U.S. , or will knuckle under to Obama . He should know better . An Israeli PM will listen to a US President , but , in this situation , it is far , far different . Obama and Bibi hate each other ‘ s guts , and even the ” brass knuckles ” of the ” Chicago Way ” will not work ….

.. Bibi knows that POTUS is bluffing , and that Congress will back him up . Especially when he drops his trump cards : evidence that POTUS has been lying to the American people and Congress , even the DemoCraps , about Israel , about backing Israel . Also , about his treatment of Netanyahu , and threatening Israel ‘ s defense …


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