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… Uh , Oh … in Colorado [#Hickenweenie]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 24th,2014

.. not bad for a week of campaigning ..

.. businessman and columnist Bob Beauprez is already even with incumbent Colorado Governor John Hickenweenie [my pet name] at 44% to 44% . Ouch …

.. [h/t — ColoradoPeakPolitics]
.. [link] to the news item …

.. this means big trouble for two people … and only one of them is Hickenweenie ..

.. one is the obvious — Hickenweenie — an incumbent that is under 50% is in trouble . One that is under 45% is definitely in big trouble . Good ol ‘ Johnny is now at 44% . Oops …

.. also , he is tied with Bob Beauprez — never good …

.. the other is Mark Udall , the Senate candidate — he is in a tight race of his own . Right now , he is trailing congressman Cory Gardiner 43% to 42% . That puts him in even worse shape than Hickenweenie ….

.. Both normally would want to get a boost from the other . Right now , that ain’t happening . At the moment , these two are tied like ball and chains around each other ‘ s necks . Unless one or the other pulls clear , which is unlikely for now , they are both going to struggle for weeks to come ….


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