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… I understand Pvt Bergdahl is under investigation …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 17th,2014

.. but , by a 2 – star general ?? ..

.. someone in Pvt Bergdahl ‘ s chain of command should be doing this , not a flag officer . Someone more like at a Colonel , Lt. Colonel , or Major should convene this inquiry …

.. then what ? ..

.. if I understand military proceedings right , it would then be turned over to Army JAG . Given the high – profile , Army JAG would assign their best and brightest to the case , especially if the c-of-c expects the possibility of charges . That is something that the officer in the command should bring forth , because it would also bring forward Pvt . Bergdahl ‘ s defense …

.. Whatever the young man has done , he deserves a defense . No , not a slipshod one . Given things , he should get the best possible defense …

.. [update] — now , Pvt Bergdahl has been released from his rehabilitation agenda . Now , he has been reassigned to desk duty . Wise move . He would probably get his ass kicked or worse if he were returned to his original MOS (combat infantryman) …

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