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… Now the IRS has a Very Serious Problem [#IRSGate]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,July 16th,2014

.. that is for sure ..

.. also , Judicial Watch has struck again .

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news story ….

.. Judge Emmett Sullivan is a hard ass . He will not take any guff . When Judicial Watch brought a F.O.I.A. suit for the emails [Lerner’s], I knew that the Service had a very serious problem . Now , with the continued emergence of Lerner e – mails in drip-drip-drip , she looks guilty as sin …

.. and Eric Holder looks like a corrupt bastard ..

.. Judge Sullivan has order the Service to start coughing up e – mails . That is the underlying text of his order this day [Thursday 07/10/2014].. He does not believe the Service , anymore than I do …

.. Those e – mails are there . It is only a matter of time before they come out . Either Judicial Watch ‘ s FOIA lawsuit will pull them out , or True the Vote ‘ s suit , but the digging is underway …

.. even better than a special master , Judge Sullivan has appointed his magistrate to oversee the situation . Federal Judges do not magistrates wasting their time , so the magistrate will be able to apply plenty of pressure to the Service . Also , with the Judge ‘ s blessing , he / she will have plenty of room to run and roam ….

.. more than likely , Sullivan is well aware of other legal action seeking the same information [A.C.L.J. / Cleta Mitchell , principally] . So , it is likely that there is more than one judge applying pressure , as well as more than one appeals circuit [D.C. , 4th , 2nd, 6th] . That is a lot of firepower .

.. Also , Sullivan is an institution in D.C. . He is well known by the folks in D.C. . The Service does not want a pissing match with him . The D.C. Appeals Court is in the same building , while the 4th Circuit is located down in Richmond . Also , do not forget the Supreme Court …

.. it will be fun to see the media coverage of this , given Judicial Watch ‘ s recent history . Tom Fitton is straight – laced and quite , and is not a publicity hound . He lets his work do the talking …

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