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… Campaign Ad Buys will tell You Alot [#Politics 2014] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,July 6th,2014

.. it always does .

.. campaign committees always reserve lots of air time . A great deal more than they will ever use . But , it will tell you much more than anything that those committees ever intended to .

.. [-] campaign committees carry a great deal of influence — good and great fundraisers are always in high demand . The larger the amounts that they can raise , the better their influence . Especially if they happen to have a tough race …

.. [-] they also have large purse strings — those committees have raised a lot of cash , $$ to be deployed . So , the party bigwigs want it to be spent wisely …

.. [-] where it is spent tells you a lot — these committees have requests for campaign $$ that are far in excess of their cash-on-hand , or what they expect to have . So , they have  to decide who to spend it on , and how much to use on each race . Those judgements will give you a relative guesstimate as to the odds of the campaigns possible success ..

.. [-] thse committees can be springboards for higher office — a highly successful campaign committee run can be extraordinarily useful to one ‘ s political future …

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