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… Who Better to Ratify IRSgate and BenghaziGate than [#Watergate @ 40]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,June 29th,2014

.. Woodward and Berrnstein , themselves .

.. Woodward saying that IRSgate is legit is not news . Bernstein getting off of his derriere and actually speaking out on it and saying O.K. sure is …

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the interview footage …

.. I wonder , has the Washington ComPost let Woodward and his team out to play ? I think so , but no articles as of yet . When those articles hit the front pages of the ComPost , then that would really get everybody ‘ s attention . And I do mean everybody , including the ObamaCraps …

.. Then would come the aw shit moments , saying ” What ‘ s Next . “

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