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… the ” Two Year ” Gap [#IRSgate]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,June 29th,2014

.. this will end up in court , and at LightSpeed .

.. you might wonder : how , and why ? …

.. right now , there are civil cases against the Service for its monkeyshines . They are already in front a federal judge . This stuff is clearly evidence of the destruction of pertinent evidence in a case . The judge will not like it one bit …

.. So , what happens ?? ..

.. the federal judge should appoint a special master . The master should do a thorough investigation of the whole situation . It includes the conduct of all people involved in the case . The special master will keep the judge appraised of the situation , and his rulings will have the force of law …

.. then , the judge will make referrals , based upon the findings of the special master , to the relevant US Attorney . It may well be the local one , so that the judge can keep the heat on the case , and under his or her thumb . It also could be the US Atty in DC …

.. what it will also do is make things white – hot to dark – navy – blue hot for the ObamaCraps . They will have no choice but to appoint an independent counsnel to investigate the case . If they do not , then either the US House or the civil case counsel can and / or will seek a writ of mandamus to force the appointment of one . While all this is going on , the case(s) will still be in the hands of the judge , allowing him / her to push things along …

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