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… Thad Cochoran is in Big Trouble …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,June 21st,2014

.. Cochoran is the senior US Senator from Mississippi . He has served 5 terms in the US Senate , and is seeking his 6th term . Before that , he had served in the US House since 1973 …

.. the Tea Party folks saw Cochoran , who is a bit more moderate than most think , as vulnerable . Going after a sitting US Senator is never easy . For those who go after one in a party primary , one must have a death wish …

.. Well , the Tea Party folks turned out to be right . Conservative businessman and Tea Party favourite Chris McDaniel won the primary , but , unfortunately , just missed winning it outright . McDaniel won about 49.8% of the vote , to Thad Cochoran ‘ s 48.9% . Since no one won an absolute majority , there will be a run-off election for the nomination …

.. Do not fret , GOP . Short of an absolute disaster , the winner [my guess would be McDaniel] will be an enormous favourite in November. Mississippi is about as Red a state as you can get , especially in the South …


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