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… Can Elan Carr pull off the Impossible ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,June 18th,2014

.. not likely , but maybe ..

.. Carr is running in Ca33 , which is Henry Waxman ‘ s old seat . Waxman is retiring after decades [almost 40 years] in the House . This seat is about as liberal as it gets . Apart from Manhattan ‘ s Upper West Side , there are not many places quite like LA ‘ s west side … Brentwood , BelAir , Beverly Hills , and Malibu , up to Santa Monica . The usual job description for a Congressman is GOPers need not apply …

elan carr (gop CA33)(waxman ' s seat)

.. [h/t — HollywoodReporter]..

.. [link] to the piece …

.. However , that did not faze Carr . Carr is now a local small businessman , after a career as a gang – related prosecutor with the Los Angeles County District Attorney ‘ s Office . He also was a military reservist , and saw duty in the Iraq war ….

.. For any Republican to have a real chance , it helps to be Jewish . Carr is , and is Conservative Jewish . That helps , because an Orthodox Jew would be dead meat in this district . Reform Judaism , which is likely strong in this district , may well be willing to support a Conservative jew , especially a businessman and a war veteran ..

.. the odds are not good , but this race bears watching . I do intend to …

.. [update] — Carr is trailing in the polls , but not by much …. by about 6 points . It will be interesting to see how much interest , especially from the media , that this race gets …

.. with early voting , this one could be close . Bob Turner pulled it off in NYC (in Queens) in 2010 against Anthony Weiner , when Weiner quit all of a sudden …

.. this one bears watching …

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