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… This Could Get Interesting [#federal child dumping]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,June 11th,2014

.. and , no , this is not Sheriff Joe Arpaio getting involved …. yet .

.. what I am talking about is Maricopa County [that means Phoenix] . Phoenix is Arizona ‘ s state capital , so the rest of Arizona ‘ body politic has to be paying attention . Yes , they will pay the bills . They may not want to , but they will do it . Especially in an election year . Most states , including Arizona , have a rainy – day fund . They can dip into this for unanticipated expenses . These kinds of bills sure as hell meet the definition thereof . Maricopa will not be the only one . There will be others …

.. [h/t — AzFamily]..
.. [link] to the story / video …

.. what I am talking about is child abuse . These kids are just being dumped onto the streets of Phoenix (and Maricopa County) . There is plenty of real estate for them to cover . Maricopa County is well over 8,500 square miles in land area . Where I live in Ohio [Cuyahoga County] is 1,250 square miles , and 2/3rds of that is Lake Erie .

.. Also , it is hot as hell this time of year . Average temps during the day in Phoenix are around 105 to 115 degrees , folks . It may be ” dry heat , ” but it is still dangerous as hell , especially to the unacclimated , and most of all , kids …

.. the Maricopa County Attorney is talking about going after the Feds . Specifically , going criminally after the folks who are doing the dumping , and I would suspect , even more . Dumping those kids on the streets in this heat , with no escort or supervision , just to get rid of them , is criminal . It is child endangerment , in my state , in any state …

.. If he has a good working relationship with the US Atty in Phoenix , then the US Atty can go after the folks who are higher up the food chain … and that means all the way up , including , potentially Obama . Yes , POTUS . This is a criminal dereliction of duty , and it is crying out loudly for a federal criminal investigation . A US Atty would be perfect for it , and the visibility would help protect him or her …


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