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… Upset Special in Virginia [#Eric Cantor is Out]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,June 10th,2014

.. no joking , folks .

.. the folks in VA 7 evidently were pretty pissed . Eric Cantor (the House Majority Leader) found that out the hard way …

.. [h/t — (Richmond)timesDispatch]..
.. [link] to the news story …

.. Richmond – area local economist David Brat (what a nice name!) shocks Eric Cantor , and handily at that . The margin was almost 11 points , 55.5 % to 44.5% . Yes , it was that much . The $$ primary was even bigger …

.. Cantor raised nearly $ 5.5 million , and spent almost $ 5.3 million . Brat raised ONLY $250k , and spent about $225k . Only that much . Yet , in a district that is normally favourable to order for Cantor , Cantor is now out on his rear …

.. the power dynamics in D.C. are going to be fascinating . No , the House Dems do not practically have much of any chance to take back the place . They just don’t . Especially with POTUS ‘ jackass stunts , and likely more to come . The DummyCraps have enough problems as it is , especially with an extremely unpopular President roped around their necks …

.. The tea party can and will play kingmaker with this , because Cantor was in the line in the House leadership . With more fannies , then the Tea Party crowd can muscle in someone more to their liking . Not one of their own , at least not yet . They do not have the oomph , at the moment . But , however , it is coming . They can play kingmaker , though …


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