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… What is the I.R.S. Thinking [ObamaCrapCare ruling]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,June 2nd,2014

.. well , it seems that the ObamaCraps pulled another stunt over a three – day holiday weekend . And , you had better believe it , it is a doozy …

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.. [link] to the blog post news …

.. employers have the choice . Either pay the ObamaCrapCare penalty [$2,000 per worker] , or , provide ObamaCrapCare – mandate health insurance plans to every full time employee . People can do the math . So can the I.R.S. . So , the I.R.S. has acted , with one of those stunts of ” controlling legal authority ” that the ObamaCraps think that they have . Well , they are very , very wrong .

.. well , the I.R.S. seems to think that it has the power to stop employers from ” dumping ” employees into the ObamaCrapCare exchanges . They are prohibiting the practice , because they want companies to continue to provide overpriced , unnecessary , and unneeded health insurance coverage . In addition , they are imposing a $100 per day tax penalty if a company does do so . By what controlling legal authority do those idiots thaink that they can do this …

.. Government Agencies have what is known as ” Chevron deference ” in administering a law . Basically , it allows them a large amount of latitude in implementing the law . The agency has latitude , but not absolute authority . They can use explicit or implicit authority to implement a law . But , they must still follow the explicit statutory intent of Congress .

.. I do not think that the Infernal Revenue Service has this authority . They may think that they do , and the ObamaCraps may be ordering them to do this . However , they have to have legal authority to do it . And , that is something that they do not have . They do not have the explicit authority , nor do they have the implicit authority to do it . Also , Chevron deference can allow it if the meaning (explicit or implicit) of the law allows . That is something that they do not have , either . So . no soap …

.. A company will challenge it , I can guarantee you that . Especially with the difference between the penalty and the cost of insurance . They can do the math  …

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