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… Steven A. Smith has Guts …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,May 31st,2014

.. and , he stands by what he says , no matter what the reaction …

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the blog news ..

.. in this instance , he got plenty of it . He caught living hell for what he said …

.. businessman , venture investor , and Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban stirred up a pretty fair bit of a hornet ‘ s nest . Cuban said that if he encountered a black man with a hoodie , or a white man with lots of tattoos , he would cross the street in order to avoid the person in question . Steven A. stood up for Cuban and endorsed his view , stating that he would do the same thing …

.. Cuban stirred up a hornet ‘ s nest , but Steven A. Smith caused quite an uproar , especially in the black community . He was called a racist , a traitor , and , most of all , an ” Uncle Tom . ” …

Uncovering the “big elephant in the room,” Smith suggests that people are afraid to talk about the prejudices that all are guilty of because “white folks are scared they are going to be labeled racist,” and “black folks are scared they are going to be labeled sell outs.”

Smith affirms that he is not turning a blind-eye to the obvious racism that still exists in the country. Yet he does not think that every issue affecting the black community is race related. He said, “Sometimes it is about how you represent yourself — it is about how you present yourself.”

When I alluded to walking around with your pants hanging below your behind, that’s trifling. That’s just trifling and it’s counter productive. When I talked about how you sitting there and the first words out of your mouth are, y’know what I’m sayin’, y’know what I mean — no the hell we don’t!

When I talk about not having a command of the English language and still you want a job, and you want to have a career, but you don’t want to get your education — you don’t want to go out there and pound that pavement. Everything is about the sprint; it’s not about the marathon. It’s not about you putting forth the necessary effort and due diligence over the long haul to get the things that you need. That’s a reality in our community.

That reality, Smith says, is by acting in that way, some in the black community are “feeding” the stereotypes and thus keeping themselves from moving forward in life.

Smith ended by talking about the American dream. He said the American dream is not the rap artist or NBA star that went from nothing to hundreds of millions of dollars — that he calls “a fantasy.” But he uses his own story to tout what it really takes to achieve the American dream:

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