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… Cleveland V.A. Medical Center — An Update …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,May 31st,2014

.. hey folks , it is my neck of the woods …

.. I will keep you up to date on them . I do expect them to join the parade any day now . Trust me , the local media is in hot pursuit on this . You can bet that the local population is paying attention …

.. F.Y.I. — at least , the Cleveland Stokes V.A. Medical Center does have some excuses . Not many . Greater Cleveland used to have 2 VA medical centers , one in the south suburbs [Brecksville , 1/2 way to Akron] , and the Stokes VA Med Center . Stokes VA is in University Circle , north of Case Western Reserve University , and all of the other features of Cleveland ‘ s University Circle area [including Severance Hall , home of the Cleveland Orchestra] …

.. two years ago , the two medical centers were formally merged into one . Some parts of the Brecksville facility remain open as a medical clinic , but the in – patient section of the facility is now closed . Stokes VA has been expanded to accommodate the workload ….

.. so , you see that I expect them to join the parade . It is not when they do it , it is how , and which local TV station fillets their fanny . Trust me , they are not going to like it one bit …


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