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… Astonishing — Roast POTUS on a Spit [VAgate]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,May 31st,2014

.. Obama has to be kidding ?!?! ..

.. he actually defended Eric Shinseki at a White House Press Conference ? ..

.. what he should have done is fired the bastard . He needs to go , and he is not the only one . The Department of Veterans Affairs needs a thorough reorganization and housecleaning . Like yesterday …

.. [h/t — hotair]..
.. [link] to the USHouse floor speech …

.. David Scott is no shrinking violet , nor a conservative . The fact that he took to the House floor to tear the cover off of both POTUS and SecVetsAff is really something . Scott is a member in good standing of the Congressional Black Caucus , and I would think that he would have let his C.B.C. colleagues , at the very least , know about what was coming …

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