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Video: Obama Receives Only Tepid Applause at West Point

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,May 30th,2014

… the difference in the man … the difference in the policy …

Nice Deb

Upon his introduction at the graduation ceremony at the US Military Academy at West Point, Obama, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces,  received only a light smattering of applause with an aborted attempt at standing O by a small handful in the audience and none of the cadets.

Here is what the military thinks of  a president who abandons a Marine held in a Mexican prison for taking a wrong turn, neglects the VA, shuts out veterans from national memorials during shut-down theater, forces suicidal RoE on the military, lies about Benghazi, takes full credit for killing Osama Bin Laden after preparing to blame the military if anything went wrong, and then leaks information that leads to Navy Seal deaths, and then sends their parents form-letter condolence notes signed with an auto-pen:

Full speech, here. 

Just by way of comparison, here’s how West Point cadets reacted to President Bush…

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