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… the ObamaCraps are in Real Trouble [VAgate] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,May 22nd,2014

.. yes , first of all , it is a very serious scandal .

.. most definitely yes , it is serious enough to merit a ” -gate ” desgination . BenghaziGate is , too . BenghaziGate is the case of a coverup of the action or the inaction regarding the deaths of 4 brave American souls in the service of their country . It also includes the defraudking of the American people , due to the act of the coverup ..

.. with VAgate , THE ObamaCraps are clueless . Get a look at this TV interview …

.. [h/t — m.Newsbusters]..

.. [link] to the CNN interview …

.. when the White House Chief of Staff looks like a colossal idiot on national TV , you know that the reigning Admin is in deep doo – doo …


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