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… Nice Way to Restart the Space Race , Dummies [Russian Ban on US use of ISS]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,May 22nd,2014

.. are theRussians really this stupid ..

.. the Russian private sector in space tech is just a bunch of oligopolies (groups) and monopolies (state companies) . They compete with their egos , but not which each other . They sure are not a threat to China , much less the U.S. , Europe , and Japan …

.. the Russians may want to do more in space . The problem is that they cannot afford to do it . Their economy is not diverse enough to support the development of true private competition . They do not even have a clue about venture capital , much less start – up companies . They may want , for example , to go to Mars , but forget it …

.. [h/t — theDailyTelegraph]..
.. [link] to the article …

.. The Chinese are far closer to doing it . The Chinese economy is far more diverse , and co – operates with outside nations , even their rivals , which is something that Russia does not . Eventually , the Chinese will go to the Moon , first , and , perhaps , build their own space station . Hell , the more the merrier …

.. Our country is getting back off of its butt . It is just right now that people do not see it . NASA and other government agencies are acting as development agents , providing the targets for the private companies . Our go – go and individualistic nature is now really generating takeoff speed . Once those companies hit it , watch out …

.. We can and will build a new Space Station , joining the Chinese , the Russians , and others . Ours will , though , be much larger and far more diverse . It will also be a jumping – off point for missions to Mars , the outer planets , and beynd . If we go back to the Moon , it will be to colonize it , not just to visit . Been there , done that …


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