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… Zing ! [Professor Yoo , on POTUS] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,May 15th,2014

.. John Yoo is a law professor at Berkeley .

.. Don ‘ t worry . He is one of the best and the most conservative legal minds that there is in the country . Plus , he has some serious guts . Being a conservative law prof at Bezerkely cannot be all that easy …

.. here in a commentary for NewsmaxTV he takes HisLordship to task for his criminal and grotesque hypocricy on his anti – terror policies …

.. [h/t — Newsmax]..
.. [link] to the commentary ..

.. Professor Yoo nails the ObamaCraps on the head , several times over . The ObamaCraps are guilty of gross criminal hypocricy for their actions on the anti – terror policies , especially on how they treated the Bush Administration people [Professor Yoo , included] and policy , trashed both , and yet have followed the exact same thing [not always though by choice] …

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