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… The White House should (Read : Must) Release the Presidential Daily Brief …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,May 13th,2014

.. you might wonder / huh  ? ..

.. the P.D.B. (for short) is a report given to the President . He receives it usually at his national security briefing daily . Ergo , the the title , the Presidential Daily Brief . Most Presidents get their briefings daily . Even Bill Clinton generally did . Dubya sure did , especially after 9/11/2001 . But Obama ? ..

.. My guess is no . POTUS is a lazy ass , and he does not always do his job . So , the P.D.B. may well be prepared each day , but it does not mean that it gets delivered . Big Surprise .

.. the PDBs immediately around 9/11/2012 should do . A good long stretch would be helpful , but it would be overkill . Especially the P.D.B.s in the days immediately after the Benghazi attack . POTUS will (or should) want to know when and where the video excuse came abuse . Its bullshit factor is real sky high ..

.. He started delivering the video excuse . Since he has , then he is a part of what I would call the conspiracy to bullshit the American people . Obama had to know from the intelligence in the P.D.B. . The C.I.A. would have tried to make sure its inserts [read : Mike Morrell ‘ s ] stayed in , but the folks on the ground would have got their info in via the Pentagon and Panetta . So Pannetta knows as well .

.. exposing the P.D.B.s will reveal exactly what POTUS knew when . Within a day or two , they knew that it was a terrorist attack . Yet , the Obamacraps for the better part of 3 weeks carried on with the video excuse . They kept up until events [debate prep , especially for the first Presidential Debate] overtook things . Still , Obama carried on with the video excuse …

.. it is not just the  tic – toc that needs to come out … the Presidential Daily Briefs for that period need to , as well …

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