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… BenghaziGate : What Should Happen Now ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,May 11th,2014

.. there should be a select committee in the House of Representatives . No question about it . Since the GOP in all likelihood will control the House , the committee can continue its work on through into the new Congress ..

.. the select committee should be expanded into the Senate once (as I think) , the GOP takes control of the US Senate after the November elections . The leadership should move , fast , so that once the new Senators are sworn in , the committee can get to work ..

.. [xx update] 05/02/2014 — Speaker Boehner announces formation of Select Benghazi Committee . The Committee Chair will be Representative Trey Gowdy [R-SC] . Ouch ! . Gowdy is a bulldog , one with a prosecutor ‘ s instincts . He will be beyond relentless , and will not lose focus . He also will not tolerate crap out of anyone , on either side ..

.. [xx update] Gowdy will keep the size of the comittee fairly small . That will keep the hotheads and firebrands out of the mix . Also , the Congressgresscritters will get a chance to question witnesses , but not for a while . He will likely have majority and minority counsel question witnesses before the ‘critters get their hands on them . It will move things along faster ..

.. Ben Rhodes should be invited to testify . Cabinet agencies and their officials can be subpoenaed to testify . Rhodes is the Deputy National Security Adviser , and was a step lower when this stuff occurred . A subpoena should be held in abeyance , only to be used if absolutely necessary …

.. Leon Panetta is a different matter . Panetta was the Defense Secretary at the time of the attack . He would have been informed of the military situation , and is right below Obama . He would likely have known where POTUS was during the time of the situation , so if a decision needed to be made , then the boss would be brought in to make it after being appraised of the situation …

.. [xx update] Panetta will be invited . He is a former committee chairman , and will be given congressional courtesy . However , there will be a subpoena waiting for him right behind the door . He will know it . If he tries to screw around , BAM ! , out it comes …

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