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… Busted ! [Judicial Watch suit uncovers the (Benghazi) Truth] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,May 10th,2014

.. Well , someone finally got it .

.. and , boy , is it a real honey ! ..

.. [h/t —]..

.. [link] to the public information ..

.. it takes a little while to sink in , but Wow ! Did the ObamaCraps get caught in  a coverup . Not only that , but election fraud , to boot …

.. from e – mails uncovered by JudicialWatch in a lawsuit that they lodged in 2013 against the State Department , it was the White House , specifically , the National Security Council , and , more specifically , then – Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhoades who came up with  the bright idea to blame the whole thing on the videotape . That is one coverup , but there is another . ..

.. the Second coverup is the policy failure at Benghazi . They knew that the consulate and  the CIA annex were exposed , and did NOTHING ! . Even more , another coverup , is of the activities of the CIA at the consulate and the annex . I believe that the C.IA. was running guns and weapons clandestinely to the Syrian rebels . They did not want higher – ups to know exactly what they were doing , but the higher – ups found out , and supported the mission . However , the support left the Annex exposed to being attacked by other operattives , which it later was …

.. more  to come , undoubtedly ! …

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