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… BenghaziGate : the Next Step …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,May 8th,2014

.. now , we will have a select committee in the House of Representatives . Eventually , I believe , there will also be one in the Senate , as well ..

.. Good . it is about time ..

.. Trey Gowdy will be an excellent chairman . He should be fast , daring , and aggressive . Also , he should make it clear from the beginning that he will take no crap from anyone …

.. What happens with the ObamaCraps ? …

.. good question . the folks who have worked at Executive Branch Agencies are subject to subpoena . They will be invited to testify . If they show the slightest inclination to stall , then Wham ! . Out comes the subpoena ! ..

.. people who work for the Executive Office of the President [which includes the National Security Council] are a different matter . They cannot technically be subpoenaed . However , if the Executive Branch stalls , as is the case already , a subpoena could well be possible . It would cause all sorts of separation of powers problems , but if the Exec Branch is screwing around , the Judicial Branch would enforce a subpoena …

.. POTUS should make his senior people available to testify . He should , but  he will not , unless  pressured .


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