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… It is An Abuse of Power [Obama ‘ s Abuse of the ” Pardon ” power] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,May 1st,2014

.. what Bill Clinton did at the end of his time was distasteful . It may have been borderline illegal . However , it may well be kosher …

.. with Barack Obama , it is a different story ..

.. [h/t — NiceDeb]..
.. [link] to Megyn Kelly ‘ s interview footage with former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy ..

.. I would highly recommend that you watch the interview footage . It is an intriguing interview , and very opinionated . I agree with Andrew , it is a gross abuse of the pardon power …

.. if POTUS wants to change the law , then he should submit the changes that he would like to see happen to Congress . He should learn how to bargain and reach for what he really wants . He does not have to grossly abuse the powers and duties of his office to pull stunts like this piece of crap …

.. the numbers on this one could really get out of hand . I am thinking that it could soar into the tens of thousands . When Jimmy Carter issued conditional pardons to Vietnam – era draft evaders and resistors , the numbers reached up to near 45 , 000 . There have been more , though ..

.. The times after our Civil War were something to behold . President Lincoln had been assassinated , just 5 weeks into his second term . What most had not realized at the time (immediately) was that he had run on a Union ticket with Tennessee Democrat Andrew Johnson . When Lincoln died , Johnson became President . The strife that marked his term was immense . When he was about to leave office , Johnson did something that was gutsy . He pardoned all of the Confederate army veterans . All of them . Estimates ran to about 750 , 000 men that were pardoned . There was nothing that Congress could do …

.. Ironoically , given the calls post – war , there was only one Confederate soldier who was tried by military tribunal for war crimes … Major Henry Wirz , the commander of the Andersonville prison camp in Georgia , was the one and only one who was tried . He was convicted and was subsequently executed for his acts …


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