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… The Outlook for Donald Sterling …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,April 28th,2014

.. if the allegations are proved to be true , ..

.. and that is a big iff ,

.. [h/t —]
.. [link] to the blog news ..

.. he is finished in the N.B.A. . I doubt that any league has the power to force an owner to sell , short of severe financial trouble . When MLB did it to Marge Schott (with the Cincinnati Reds) , she (but not the Reds) was in financial hot water , and her chain of car dealerships was headed for bankruptcy ..

.. However , any Commissioner can discipline an owner . No question about it . I suspect that Sterling is headed either for an indefinite leave of absence (to be policed by the league) or an indefinite suspension … beyond that , what happens is anyone ‘ s guess …

.. the players should play . They have worked hard to gain an advantage in the playoffs , and they should not throw that away . Also , the long – suffering Clippers fans do not deserve a boycott , either . They have suffered through years of being in the shadow of the LA Lakers , much less years of crappy basketball . The Clips finally have a team that just might go to the conference finals , and their fans deserve their best …

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