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… It is Constitutional , You Damn Idiot [#Cruz – Schumer Iran Hostage Visa Bill] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,April 25th,2014

.. it seems like His Lordship (Obama) is having a hissy fit ..

.. Congress passed a bill , 535 to zero . So , what does POTUS do ? …

.. He says that he will not enforce it ….

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post …

.. guess what , POTUS ? … It will be See You in Court …. Rapidly .

.. first , the text :

By now you probably know about Hamid Abutalebi. He’s the would-be diplomat whom Iran wanted to send to the United Nations – but whom Congress blocked, on a strongly bipartisan vote, because he was among the terrorists who helped take Americans into captivity in the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979.

Today, President Barack Obama signed Congress’ bill into law – and then immediately appended a signing statement informing the world he would not enforce the law he’d just signed.

“Acts of espionage and terrorism against the United States and our allies are unquestionably problems of the utmost gravity, and I share the Congress’s concern that individuals who have engaged in such activity may use the cover of diplomacy to gain access to our Nation,” Obama wrote.

“Nevertheless, as President [George H.W.] Bush also observed, ‘curtailing by statute my constitutional discretion to receive or reject ambassadors is neither a permissible nor a practical solution.’ I shall therefore continue to treat section 407, as originally enacted and as amended by S. 2195, as advisory in circumstances in which it would interfere with the exercise of this discretion.”

In other words, Obama is saying he intends to treat the bill, which bars Abutalebi from entering the U.S., as a piece of advice and nothing more, using as a pretense a Bush I precedent that emanated from a squabble with Congress over dictating to the President a job the Constitution already empowers him with carrying out.

The bill barring Abutalebi from setting foot on U.S. soil was authored by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and received strong support from both side of the aisle. Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) didn’t hesitate to use language so strongly condemning Abutalebi’s nomination that Cruz himself might as well have spoken the same words.

Iran’s foreign minister responded to the vote by calling Congress a pack of “radicals,” reaffirming in the process that Congress had made the right call from the start.

With Obama’s ambivalent action today, Abutalebi appears to be headed, illegally, to the U.S. as the Iranian ambassador to the UN. But it’s doubtful at this point that he’ll be deported.

.. Now , back to me :

.. dumb – dumb , your constitutional power to receive ambassadors refers to Ambassadors to the United States , stupid , not Ambassadors of a nation to the United Nations . Slight difference , doufus ! …

.. the United States has the rights under the Headquarters Agreement with the U.N. to regulate visas for U.N. Ambassadors . We always have . It is one that has been done with great care , and other nations (even ones with which we [the U.S.] do not have relations) do not do stupid things by nominating ambassadors that will intentionally piss us off . It just is not done .

.. those nations will put ” illegals ” [intel agents undercover as diplomats] on their diplomatic cover . Guess what , so do we . It is part of the diplomatic process . You just make sure that your ” diplomats ” do not get caught . If they do , then it is bye – bye time ! …

.. if he tries to not enforce this one , and let this guy in anyway , there is going to be an uproar over it . Also , there will be a lawsuit , probably by the House of Representatives . I doubt that any private citizen would have standing to enforce it . Congress is going to have to do it . The Senate will not …. Dingy Harry will cover his Lordship ‘ s backside (but maybe not on this ?) …

.. there might even be calls for impeachment in the House , as well . That would not surprise me at all . Given his executive misconduct and abuses of power , he deserves it . But , it takes a spark to provoke it . This one would be a doozy , and just might do it …

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