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… Kidnap Me [#Lack of Respect for America] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,April 23rd,2014

.. Bill O ‘ Reilly dropped the hammer on His Lordship (Obama) on Thursday Night ‘ s Talking Points Memo on the Factor ..

.. It is worse than That , Bill [#on His Lordship] …
.. to see it , I will provide it to you …

.. [h/t — Bill O ‘ ]..
.. [link] to the Talking Points Memo segment …

.. it is really worse than that , Bill .

.. Obama could not give a damn about foreign policy . Not one damn bit …

.. The only part of it that he does give a damn is where it fits in to his domestic agenda . Which has put our nation and our citizens into grave danger …

.. if an Israeli is , for example , kidnapped overseas , it happens rarely . It is because the likelihood of retaliation by the Israeli government is swift , sure , and certain ….

.. With Americans these days , it is by far the opposite . When we travel overseas these days , we go with targets on our backs . Our backs have signs attached , ones that are signed ” Kidnap Me . ” The likelihood of U.S. retaliation for the killing or kidnap of an American is constipated , non – existent , and it will not happen . That is the level and lack of respect for America these days overseas under His Lordship …

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