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… It Really Makes You Wonder [OMB nominee to HHS] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,April 21st,2014

.. about all the lying that has been going on by POTUS …

.. Sylvia Mathews Burwell has been nominated by the First Knucklehead to be his new H.H.S. Secretary , to succeed the current butcher , Kathleen G. Sebelius . Burwell is going to , at a result , have to answer some very interesting questions at her confirmation hearing . Even with the nuclear option having been pressed , Burwell knows what is coming . She has to play ball with the GOP , otherwise they can make life very unconfortable for her ..

.. especially now for Dingy Harry . After what has happened with Debo Adegbile (denied a slot at InJustice) , the Senate DummyCraps realize that they will be on the spot . More so with ObamaCrapCare and H.H.S. , along with the Murder mandate (illegal abortion coverage) . They will be on the spot .

.. Marc Thiessen should know . He was a lead speechwriter for former President George W. Bush . He knows how things work . and how a real President is supposed to act . Our current POTUS is totally clueless as to what he is doing …

.. [h/t — WashingtonComPost]..
.. [link] to the opinion column ..

.. the career staff @ O.M.B. fact – checks and correct the boo – boos in Presidential and Vice – Presidential speeches . At least then there are no excuses when there is a mistake or a factual error ….. When there is , you then know who to blame ? …

.. the political people at the ObamaCrap White House , and POTUS and VPOTUS themselves …

.. also , it will not be just the candidates in 2014 .  the 2016ers will be held to account , as well . The economy is due for a recession , and our current budget situation makes it difficult to deal with that . It will cake the 2016 candidates with tons of mud — Miz Hillary included — if she runs …


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