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… You Know the Government has Gone Nuts …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,April 19th,2014

.. either when the State Department states that it has lost $6 billion in taxpayer funds that it cannot account for , or …

.. or , the Socialist Security Administration steals an older woman ‘ s tax refund … Why ? … there is an old debt from an overpayment to the woman ‘ s father . The debt goes back to the winter of 1977 . Yes , 37 years ago ….

.. the woman ‘ s father is now deceased . Also , the S.S.A. does not have adequated documentation of the debt . So , what happens ? They find the nearest next-of-kin (the woman) and take her tax refund away from her … in other words , they swipe it . They steal it ….

.. I was watching ” On the Record ” with Greta van Susteren when she went ” off the record ” on this one . As nasty as the stupidity of the lost taxpayer funds is , it is not all that surprising . The theft of the older woman ‘ s tax refund is sick and disgusting . The infernal Revenue Service should have known better , and forced the S.S.A. to produce documentation of the debt , and settle it directly with the family , and not get the Infernal Service involved …

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