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… Inflation Doves at the Fed [#HighInflation]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 15th,2014

.. Janet Yellen & her cronies are going to get us into trouble .

.. her and her Phillips Curve crowd are dangerous …

.. what are these idiots thinking . They are responsible for monetary policy , not fiscal policy . Quit screwing around with fiscal policy . That policy is the province of the President and Congress .

.. The Federal Reserve ‘ s most important asset is its credibility . It may well need it sometime to fight inflation or systemic risks . Bernanke earned his spurs . So did Greenspan , as did Voelker . Burns and Miller did not , and inflation ran wild . So do not your institutional credibility . It will take a hell of a long time and a great deal of work and effort to get it back …

.. [h/t — NationalReview]..
.. [link] to Larry Kudlow ‘ s article …

.. if you introduce a little bit of inflation into the system , as Larry argues , you are playing with fire . It does not stay as a little bit of inflation for very long . The markets see the recurrence , and demand compensation for it . Then people see the  effect , and then …. … . While they are at it , dump the Phillips Curve . It never works . It is a pile of Keynesian bull[crap] …

.. If inflation surges , we are going to have some serious problems . Interest rates will have to rise . No doubt about it . Inflation risk is a part of the internest Rate equation . If the Fed is screwing around with interest rates because they want to keep interest rates low , may God in heaven help them . Then you end up with both inflation risk and systemic risk , and the financial markets (and the DemoCraps) in the tank …


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