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… Earth to Megyn Kelly [#Tax Returns]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 15th,2014

.. and to Cleta Mitchell …

.. re : True the Vote ‘ s tax returns …

.. their tax returns are not publically available information . Neither is their application for their 501c3 or c4 tax status . That information goes into the taxpayer ‘ s tax file as a part of the process . Then , eventually , the Infernal Revenue Service can make a judgement on the application for the requested tax status …

.. that information in that tax file is confidential . it is most definitely not for unofficial purposes , such as political abuses by the Infernal Service itself . Also , it is not available to other parties , such as a leak of the National Organization for Marriage ‘ s tax information to a gay enemy group a number of years ago . It most definitely is not something that is available for release to Congress , to Congressional staff , or any other arm of Congress or any other Executive Branch agencies …

.. playing around and playing cutsie – pie with those files is a F – E – L – O – N – Y . Which means , with federal sentencing guidelines , you do not pass go , you do not collect $ 2 million , you go directly to the Graybar Hotel for a stretch of time [good question on how long] …


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